The physical dimension is like a bridge, one crosses but do not establish a permanent home on it. All beings in the physical dimension are passing through like in a train station. The physical dimension is limited by time and space; the infinite dimensions are the subtle ones outside time and space. The purpose of the tree of practices is the continuity of consciousness beyond the physical plane. The practices in level 4 establish a path of transcendence and continuity of consciousness beyond the physical dimension. A pure mind is the vehicle in the path of transcendence. The path of transcendence leads in the direction of pure consciousness, our true nature.



Every night, when we sleep, we open ourselves fully to the totality of the mind. Every night we abandon ourselves to the unknown in the most natural way. Every night we cross from the dimensions limited by time and space into the infinite subtle dimensions outside time and space. Every time as we fall asleep, we cross through an intermediate space between conscious and unconscious of infinite possibilities.

Sleep is a state of consciousness different from being awake. Dreaming is a state of consciousness different from unconscious sleep. In the frontier where we start to fall asleep, there is a different state of consciousness where time and space gives way to the infinite dimensions. In that intermediate space the intention works more efficiently than in the physical dimension. The first level of the dream practices begins by training using the intention in the intermediate space of infinite possibilities.

During waking hours, our intention works primarily through the Yang physical body, but as we fall asleep, the intention switches to operate through the Yin subtle body. The main objective of the first level of the dream practices is consciously training the intention to operate through the Yin subtle body.

The dream practices depend on clarity of mind and emotional stability provided by the practices in the trunk of the tree. Without mental clarity and spaciousness in conjunction with emotional stability, there is not much progress in the dream practices.



Every night when we sleep, we open ourselves to the totality of the mind where an experience of Original Mind, the state of perfection of our true nature, takes place.

Everything in Creation is the manifestation of Original Mind; everything created comes from the perfection which is our true nature and the true nature of all beings. Original Mind is the reference of absolute health which has to be contacted in any healing program.

Healing during dream state, or dream incubation, is one of the most ancient healing practices of humanity. Using the intention in the dimensions outside time and space opens infinite possibilities of transformation.

The second level of dream practices trains in using the intention for healing directly through the Yin subtle body where imbalances start before manifesting in the Yang physical body. In the second level one learns to heal directly from Original Mind as the Universal Healing Principle.



Dreams are one of the main ways in which the Inner Guide communicates with the ego. There is a category of ego limited by many beliefs, operating through the superficial mind when we are awake. There is a totally different category of ego operating when we dream. The dream ego is more flexible and tolerant that the ego of the superficial mind. The dream ego doesn’t question the dream content; it accepts dream reality as it is. In dream state one could be in primary school and switch to being on the other side of the planet.

Dream practices depend on the mental clarity and emotional stability generated by the practices in Level 1 and 2. The Six Healing Sounds, if done before going to bed at night, in a few months of practice, clear stress dreams generated by the experiences of the day. The dreams where the Inner Guide communicates can be experienced and remembered with greater clarity.

All the effort invested in the dream practices, is time invested charting a path of transcendence between the physical and the subtle dimensions. Investigating dream content and the way the Inner Guide communicates, gradually reveals the structure of the unconscious. The path of expanding consciousness goes through dream state and the states beyond dreams where Original Mind is experienced. 



Each time we go to sleep at nighttime or in a power nap, we experience the six stages of dissolution of the elements of consciousness. To project the consciousness beyond the physical when falling asleep, the central channel has to increase vibration beyond the range when operating in the physical dimension. The ascending flow in the central channel disconnects each of the elements of consciousness one by one from the perineum to beyond the crown. Each of the elements of consciousness when disconnecting, generates a series of experiences which can be consciously witnessed if there is sufficient mental clarity and spaciousness. Becoming familiar with the way one experiences the dissolution of the elements of consciousness, is the first stage in the training of crossing dimensions at the moment of falling asleep or dying.

Each time we fall asleep, there is a direct experience of Original Mind; for the majority of people, such experience is totally unconscious from lack of clarity and self-awareness.

The practitioner charting a path of transcendence trains to recognize the stages of the dissolution of the elements so as to fuse in the experience of Original Mind it culminates. In dream practices everything is made possible by the degree of clarity and self-awareness developed in level 1 and 2 in the Tree of Practices.


At the start of practice Original Mind is an abstract concept; as experience deepens, the direct experience of Original Mind increases. In all the great self-development systems in which Original Mind is the ultimate objective, sometimes the teacher does a transmission of experience of Original Mind.

The experience of Original Mind is like becoming aware of something which has always been in front of our eyes but has never been given attention. Once one recognizes the experience of Original Mind, one discovers that it is omnipresent.

Original Mind is the unifying experience or universal medicine for healing the mind of separation and discontent. There are two realities we operate with: the reality of the appearance and the reality of the essence how something truly is. Original Mind is the essence of everything created.



Pilgrimage is not a tourist trip visiting beautiful places and staying in comfortable hotels; pilgrimage is the practice in which a model of death and transcendence is generated.

A pilgrimage doesn’t begin the day one leaves home, a pilgrimage begins in the mind the instant the idea begins. The pilgrim separates himself from his habitual environment after having completed all pending affairs there. The pilgrim sets out toward a sacred destination representing Original Mind. Before leaving home, the pilgrim does practices of accepting death in case he dies along the way. The pilgrim leaves behind his habitual personality, adopting a power name which helps to stop identifying and talking about his personal past and history. The pilgrim regulates everything he undertakes with a series of vows which generate psychic pressure and bring to the surface unconscious factors in need of liberation. As a pilgrim, one puts to the test everything one has learned in order to transform experience into Knowledge. Day after day the pilgrim perseveres in the direction of Original Mind no matter the obstacles and resistance to change.

The pilgrim who left home never returns, the one returning is a new being purified by the fires of the divine experience. After healing the relation with the parents in level 2, the pilgrimage practice can be one of the most complex and difficult in the tree of practices.





Living powerfully takes place in relation to death. Death is a purifying experience which reveals the priorities of life with absolute clarity; everything which mistakenly was given importance becomes meaningless in the face of death.

The training for death and transcendence begins in life when one is capable of influencing personal destiny. In some parts of the world where it is assumed one is exclusively the physical body, death is regarded as the end of everything and never talked about unless imminent death is certain. When death is rejected, life is rejected. In trying to avoid something that is impossible to avoid one lives in constant fear. The fear of death is based on fear of the unknown.

To become familiar with the true nature of death one needs to become familiar with the true nature of the mind, the subtle dimensions, and the continuity of pure consciousness.

The practices in Level 1 beginning with the Inner Softening Smile, train in feeling one by one the different parts of the body. Although the places and sensations one experiences change, there is an awareness that feels everything but doesn’t change. When one practices the Six Healing Sounds, one discovers a full range of sensations in each of the organs; there is an awareness that is not affected by what it experiences. At the conclusion of any energy practice pure consciousness as a witness, experiences everything but is not affected by it. When greater sensitivity manifests, one realizes the nature of pure consciousness is infinite wellbeing, bliss, and pure love.

The practices of death and transcendence are based on the experience of continuity of consciousness whose essence is Original Mind.

At this level, the practitioner becomes familiar with the signs and stages of dying so as to be able to guide the consciousness of the dying to the experience of Original Mind. Assisting someone on the most important day and most important experience in life is the highest altruistic gesture one can perform.