Level 1 - the Introductory Level

How to begin with the I Ching Dao transformation program? Begin with Level 1, the Introductory Level), which opens the gates to the rest of the program.

The practices in Level 1 are essential for everything in the other levels.

Once you begin with the practices in Level 1, it is recommended to open communication with the Inner Guide, the first practice in Level 2.


Level 2 - Open Communication with the Inner Guide

To start developing the muscle of perseverance you can choose other practices in Level 2 and 3 such as Mental Purification with Mantra 1: Basic Mantras, Structural Alignment 2: The Six Qi Gong Postures, Sexuality 1: Conserving and Recycling the Jing Essence, Bone Marrow Qi Gong: Regeneration of the Bones and Healing the Family, Nei Gong for Memory, Harmonizing the Five Elements 1: Transforming the Negative Emotions, Dream Practice 1, Tai Chi, I Ching or Abdominal Massage Chi Nei Tsang.

When a clear direction in life is established and the motivation has strengthened, is important to continue with Healing the Ancestral Line:

Healing the Relation with the Parents, How to Heal 1: Basic Sequence for Healing the Cause of Imbalances, Energy Integrity 1: Clearing Psychic Interference or Dream Practice 2: Dream Incubation for Healing, Preparing for Transcendence 2: Practices for Death and Transcendence.

At some point one starts to generate benefit in the world with the group practices: Assisting People in Crisis and Healing the Earth, the Program to Guide the Consciousness of the Deceased to the Upper Astral Dimension or Long-Term Assistance to the Elderly and People in Need.

One avoids rushing trying to do many classes without having practiced or integrated the initial levels. The practices in Level 1 are like a seed that is planted, cared, nourished, and deepened so as to develop the practitioner’s mind. Ordinary mind and practitioner’s mind are very different in quality of strength, clarity, and determination. If there is a solid base and trust in what is being done, the path is established, and it will take us to the ultimate destination. How far one reaches on the path depends on two things: one’s capacity to liberate resistance to change and the degree of benefits generated in the world.


Level 3 - The Branches of the Tree of Practices

The branches of a tree depend on the nourishment provided by the roots and the integrity provided by the trunk of the tree. The roots can provide nourishment but if the trunk is weak, and bends or breaks, the tree dies.
The practices in the branches depend on the mental clarity and integrity developed with the trunk. If the mind is not clear, spacious, and stable, the practices in the branches will be limited from the outset.


Level 4 - Continuity of consciousness and transcendence

The purpose of the tree of practices is the continuity of consciousness beyond the physical plane. The practices in level 4 establish a path of transcendence and continuity of consciousness.


Level 5 - The fruits of the tree of practice: generating benefit in the world

The practices open their full potential when shared to generate benefits for the entire world. If the fruit of the practices is not brought into the world, the mind of separation and selfishness are reinforced. One may end up worse than one began. Generating benefits in the world is not an option left for when one has surplus time or becomes a saint in heaven.


There are two options when practicing:

1.- One is being exclusively self-centered, obsessed with personal issues and unconscious of the pain and suffering all around.

2.- The second option is expanding the radius of influence from oneself to the family, from the family to all humanity and from there to all beings of the Creation.

One is a narrow practice and the other has no limits. The ancestors of the practices, with abundant experience of the path and great heart, recommend the second choice.