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    I Ching Dao

    The I Ching Dao is a complete personal development system based on the sequence and energetic principles of the I Ching, a classic from ancient China. The I Ching Dao program consists of five levels that guide and guide the individual in the development of his maximum human potential.

  • How to start

    If it is your first time, you begin with level 1, the introductory level.

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Image Level 1 Introductory

Level 1 Introductory

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Image Level 2

Level 2

Open Communication with the Inner Guide

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Image Level 3

Level 3

The branches of the tree of practice: opening the potential of transformation

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Image Level 4

Level 4

Continuity of consciousness and transcendence

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Image Level 5

Level 5

The fruits of the tree of practice: generating benefit in the world

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    The 2024 workshops will be announced in Summer. We will announce any news in this section. If you don't want to miss any of our activities, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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  • Testimonials

Image Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The I Ching Dao program has changed my life by realizing that life has a purpose. It has provided me with tools for clearing obstacles, wanting to live, improve the relation with myself and others, have clear goals in life, experience unconditional love, continuity of consciousness in dreams and the true nature of the mind, along with the immense joy of assisting others in their journey. My infinite thanks to Juan Li and the entire family of practitioners.


Image Málaga, Spain

Málaga, Spain

Practicing with the tools that I Ching Dao offers us is part of my daily life, and it is an encouragement for me to know that you are not only healing yourself, but you are also helping to heal your entire family structure.


Image Guadeloupe Island, France

Guadeloupe Island, France

I would like to thank Master Juan Li for the simplicity with which he transmits such valuable practices to us. I have been able to personally verify that the state of my mind influences my relationships and everything around me.


Image Germany


Juan Li is one of the outstanding teachers transmitting Taoist wisdom today. His teachings are well structured, clear and full of information. He can offer almost encyclopedic knowledge on practically any spiritual subject, not even mentioning his personal charm and charism nor his own training with numerous Taoist and Tibetan masters during the stages of his own journey of self-development.

I. Z.

Image United States

United States

Juan Li has been teaching Daoist energy practices for the last 29 years.  He has created a sequence of practices based on the I Ching, adapted to the emotional and mental challenges we encounter in this fast-changing world.

Juan’s practice is inspirational, taking the traditional Daoist concern with the mastery of energy into the evolution of consciousness. A fabulous teacher and a great storyteller, one of his students remarked after spending time studying I Ching with him, “Juan Li could read the phone book and I would listen!” 

S. S.